What do we do to identify unused or underutilized services?

A partner’s client asked – “Can you please provide more detail on what you do to identify unused or underutilized services?” It is a great question. Pre-requisite For EVERY Line, Number, Service we determine the Utilization Type Physical Location Line Status Hunt Group Business Need Relevant Contract, incl. end date or status If the phone […]

How Are We Different?

We were recently ask by a partner how we differ from other firms. We rattled off a few examples. Our clients report getting several times the savings working with us, compared to firms whose primary expertise is limited to eliminating billing errors. We look beyond billing errors, so our clients see savings beyond simply the […]

Interview With O’Neal Steel

Prime Advantage, an amazing industrial buying group we encourage our manufacturing clients to work with, did a great interview with O’Neal Steel. O’Neal steel is a leading large steel company (service center) with dozens of locations and thousands of employees, exactly the kind of company we like to work with. They’re family owned and have […]

Visibility—Key to Network Cost Management

[Download one pager on Visibility.] Visibility is the key to managing any cost, including network costs. Surprisingly even smaller firms have network management systems that give visibility in to the network and make tight management possible, yet they aren’t provided with network cost management systems that give them visibility it to their costs. This makes […]

Wireless International Roaming

We’ve recently found clever solutions for wireless, especially people with international roaming. Most people agree that Verizon Wireless has the best network for the US. But they’re the most expensive and their international network isn’t the best. Plus international roaming is very expensive. AT&T Wireless and T-Mobile are popular for international travelers, but they’re expensive […]

Can Free Conference Calls Last?

A lot of people are using and other services where you can make free conference calls – if participants are willing to pay for the long distance. The services really work – so what’s the catch? It isn’t clear if Free Conferencing Services are viable long term. They make their money by charging the […]

Save With Rovair Wireless Internet Card Rental

Lots of people need wireless internet on their computer for business and personal use – but not all the time. Rovair is an established company that can rent you wireless internet with or without a card. (People wanting to rent their unused wireless internet to Rovair should contact us. 212-247-2502) RovAir OnDemand allows a user […]

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