Save With Rovair Wireless Internet Card Rental

Lots of people need wireless internet on their computer for business and personal use – but not all the time. Rovair is an established company that can rent you wireless internet with or without a card.
(People wanting to rent their unused wireless internet to Rovair should contact us. 212-247-2502)

RovAir OnDemand allows a user with their own equipment to activate it for only the time that they need it. The largest benefit is cost, you can prepay 30 days in advance, and then use the card for any 30 days throughout the year. It’s simple, just reserve a time 24 hours in advance, and we will activate for the time that you need it.

This can save companies a lot of money who don’t want to needlessly enter into long term contracts. Companies who were forced to enter long term contracts for cards they rarely use now have an option to save money. They can join a pilot program to rent back wireless internet access to Rovair on the days they aren’t using it.

They’re also working with Alamo and hotels to have their services available to travelers at their destination. They also help people putting together trade shows.

We’ve met several of the founders and would be happy to put you in touch with Rovair.

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