AT&T Billing Issues

Are you an AT&T customer or do you know one? AT&T people have confirmed recently that AT&T billing systems had some serious software problems, creating billing issues that aren’t fixed automatically. We’re seeing lots of clients who have serious and surprising billing issues, for example: Double billing for charges for services. Sub acounts that spontaneously […]

53 Critical Success Factors to Minimize Costs of Vendor Services

Introduction This paper will lay out the critical success factors to minimize the costs of vendor services. We’ll primarily use examples from telecom, but this applies to services purchased from vendors in general.   Overview The process is simple. 1. Create granular visibility into your spending, creating an inventory of every single service. 2. Review […]

Purchasing for Retail Sales Channels

Berlin Pacific buys and sells products sourced from wholesalers. We utilize highly vertical marketing channels and analytics that zero in on prospects for products sold by wholesalers. We then utilize appropriate proprietary technologies to maximize the value of the sale, allowing us to sell more products. This leverages Berlin Pacific’s expertise in analytics-driven optimization of

What do we do to identify unused or underutilized services?

A partner’s client asked – “Can you please provide more detail on what you do to identify unused or underutilized services?” It is a great question. Pre-requisite For EVERY Line, Number, Service we determine the Utilization Type Physical Location Line Status Hunt Group Business Need Relevant Contract, incl. end date or status If the phone […]

How Are We Different?

We were recently ask by a partner how we differ from other firms. We rattled off a few examples. Our clients report getting several times the savings working with us, compared to firms whose primary expertise is limited to eliminating billing errors. We look beyond billing errors, so our clients see savings beyond simply the […]

How We Help Carriers

We help carriers manage and reduce the cost of their network. (For more on network cost management read the link.) Complementary Promotion Carriers are eligible for a complementary analysis of their recurring IT and carrier costs for potential savings. Savings for many firms range from 20-50%. Berlin Pacific not only recommend cost savings it also […]

Comments on “Why Amazon Can’t Make A Kindle In The USA”

There’s a recent Forbes article on “Why Amazon Can’t Make A Kindle In the USA” It is quite interesting and people can learn a lot from Steve Denning about management. The article is a bit problematic though. The issue is probably more that the tone and content are misleading than that the fundamental ideas are […]

Reducing Credit Card Processing Costs News

We’ve made some interesting discoveries lately that could save your organization a lot of money on the cost of processing credit cards. This applies to people using Chase Paymentech and non-profits accepting American Express cards. Chase Paymentech The first item of interest is that if you’re a customer of Chase Paymentech, odds are you’re subject […]

Vendor Cost Management Postings to Scribd

We’re uploading different document to the site Scribd. Visibility and Vendor Cost Management How to find hidden savings in your services spend. It relates to Telecom Expense Management, but also IT support and maintenance contract costs, Waste and Recycling Costs, Credit Card processing costs, etc. Vendor Cost Management for C Level Officers It uses as […]

Fast Lookups in Excel

How do you get excel to quickly perform 160,000 lookups against 160,000 different unique records and get an exact match, for a total of up to 25,600,000,000 different operations? Basically there is a fast way to do this that quickly produces results in a minute or so – and a slow way to do this […]

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