Purchasing for Retail Sales Channels

Berlin Pacific buys and sells products sourced from wholesalers. We utilize highly vertical marketing channels and analytics that zero in on prospects for products sold by wholesalers. We then utilize appropriate proprietary technologies to maximize the value of the sale, allowing us to sell more products. This leverages Berlin Pacific’s expertise in analytics-driven optimization of high-complexity buying relationships, helping firms manage millions of transactions.

We’re able to determine which products wholesalers sell that are a match to the available sales channels using a proprietary data driven process. We plug in wholesalers and send the products down the appropriate channel. We use a demand driven model we’ve found effective for allocating resources and plugging gaps in the supply chain. We’re looking for additional wholesalers and products we can sell.

While we do purchase and sell products retail through our channels, we do not use our proprietary and wholesaler product data to provide advice or consulting services to retailers. (We do advise on managing spending and appropriate technologies and processes to companies in general.) We keep our data confidential.

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