Wireless International Roaming

We’ve recently found clever solutions for wireless, especially people with international roaming.

Most people agree that Verizon Wireless has the best network for the US. But they’re the most expensive and their international network isn’t the best. Plus international roaming is very expensive. AT&T Wireless and T-Mobile are popular for international travelers, but they’re expensive too.

We discovered that international travelers can get an international sim card, allowing them to less expensively make international calls. There are lots of companies like gosim that one can use.

The tricky part is how do you still get calls to your US number while roaming. One solution we’ve found integrates the two and can save up to 50% of one’s wireless costs. The outline is –

We set up your plans (allowing you to pool minutes, get cheaper voice and data plans, make cheap international calls, cut down texting and other usages costs.) We recommend using the Verizon Network in the US.
We enable on demand forwarding to an international sim. When you’re abroad the caller pays US rate, but you don’t pay exorbitant international call forwarding fees. You save money and typically don’t use the Verizon Network but the local network when abroad. (In some case like Mexico the Verizon network is effective and low cost.)

How does it work for the user.

When you go abroad on your phone you turn on call forwarding to your international sim.
When you get there your sim card will put you on the local network.
Now all your US calls come to your phone.
You can spend less money making calls.
You can use your blackberry / get on the internet.

We recently analyzed an oil services company with a $20,000 a month bill and found them 40-45% savings with this solution. Plus they get to keep all their devices, numbers, network, etc.

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