Managing Health Care Costs?

You want to get to the root cause of your costs. In the case of health care, high claims create high insurance premiums.

Research shows that

  • 30% of all medical spending can be attributed to waste
  • 22% of patients have been given the wrong diagnosis by their local doctors
  • 61% of patients are currently prescribed the wrong treatment regimen

If you reduce claims by reducing the number of wrong treatments, you can reduce costs long term. At the same time you can save your employees money with reduced Co pays and deductibles. As the ultimate bonus, you could possibly saving their lives.

Berlin Pacific, as part of its practice for managing health care costs, has access to a program called Best Doctors that can help make sure your employees get the right care. Best Doctors does this by getting the leading experts in the field to review your employees’ diagnosis and treatment options for serious conditions with potential for large claims. They can do this at no cost to the employee or their family members. Best Doctors acts as the employee’s advocate to make sure he or she gets the correct treatment, and not an incorrect or unnecessarily expensive treatment which doesn’t help.

If you get the wrong treatment, you still have to do the right treatment later. So that is two treatments. Why not just have one correct treatment and get better sooner?

Some benefits include –

  • This is supplemental – you can start it now.
  • If people have health conditions today, you can get them help now.
  • You can get employees healthy faster!
  • You can save an average of $20,000 per case in wasted claim expenses.
  • Free if you do business with our health care practice. Costs no more than $6 per employee per month if you don’t.

Typically only big companies with a minimum of 5000 employees qualify for this service. Fortunately, we have the ability to give smaller firms access to this service. This is a key part of our practice for helping firms manage health care costs. We believe the problem with Health Insurance is not the carrier you have, but how the employees are utilizing the coverage.

To learn more send me an e-mail at, call me at 212-247-2502, or go here

Alternatively an overview can be found here.

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