Berlin Pacific Telecom Expense Reduction Process

Telecom expenses are difficult to manage. The processes are manual, and the complex task of analyzing bills takes up too much staff time.

How do you have control and cut telecom expenses? How do you make sure you’re paying the right amount for the right things?

Berlin Pacific has developed a free Telecom Expense Reduction service with a unique methodology that reduces telecom (voice, data, etc.) costs 50% for most clients. Your time involvement is minimal. Our consultants handle everything from analyzing bills to implementing cost savings.

Step One – Client forwards all bills for the previous period to Berlin Pacific.  We contact the vendors for additional usage details and develop a savings estimate. This can take two to six weeks, and is conducted at our offices. Client informs Berlin Pacific of any changes already in the pipeline that should be excluded from the project.

Step Two – After reviewing the savings estimate the client and Berlin Pacific agree to a Telecom Services Agreement and proceed with the project. Berlin Pacific defines the current telecom spending baseline; negotiates with potential vendors and presents recommended service changes to the client. After the client’s approval Berlin Pacific and the client jointly plan and deploy the agreed changes.

Step Three – Berlin Pacific tracks future telecom spending against the agreed baseline and bills the client for 50% of the first year savings as the savings are realized.

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